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If you are looking for a wide range of specialities prepared according to traditional recipes, served in the original ambience, the Lička Kuća National Restaurant is a location you must visit.

Imagine this scene – an open hearth, fire crackling under rotisserie, air filled with the fragrance of aromatic spices and roasted lamb, all while you wait for the freshly roasted delicacy from the Lika region you ordered.


Traditional flavours of the Lika region

Lička Kuća is well-known not only for its roasted lamb but also for its finely cut local prosciutto, sausages, cheese from the Lika region, lamb soup, lamb and veal roasted under the bell, Lika potato halves, trout, fritters, as well as cheese, apple or plum strudels typical of the Lika region... Getting hungry just reading about all this? Good, because we have to tell you, these delicacies are only a part of the rich traditional dish offer you can taste in the traditional setting of the Lička Kuća National Restaurant. The biggest attraction of the restaurant is the open hearth in its centre, where the traditional dishes under the bell are prepared in front of you.

The restaurant was built in 1972 as a single room space with the feel of a traditional house in the Lika region, thus making a part of history come to life. The restaurant was fully refurbished in 2015 in the original Lika rustic style. This created the perfect setting for the presentation and tasting of traditional dishes from the Lika region, made to traditional recipes and from local products.

The Lička Kuća restaurant is built on two stories, with a total seating capacity of 270. It is situated just opposite the north entrance to Plitvice Lakes National Park (Entrance 1). It also operates as an ethnological museum of a sort. Along with the rich gastronomic offer, visitors can explore its various everyday-use items characteristic of the life families in Lika region used to lead in the past.

The secret to the perfect Lika roasted lamb

Lamb is one of the dishes you simply cannot skip when visiting Lika. You will happily lick your fingers after you finish this dish you have been thinking about for a long time. This is not the case just with the visitors and chance travellers. This dish is an indispensable part of any Croatian celebration or family gathering. It can be prepared in various ways, and not many things can make you hungry the way the view of roasted lamb can. You will have a hard time finding out the secret to the perfect roasted lamb dish, because every chef has his own trick to making it just perfect. Nevertheless, when it comes to a quality piece of meat, they all agree on one thing – all you need is some fat and salt, nothing more.

Lamb roasted in Lika has one distinctive feature. Unlike lamb roasted on the islands, which is coated in olive oil and smeared with a sprig of rosemary, in Lika lamb is coated in local pork fat using a specific kind of a bundle. A spoonful of fat is wrapped in gauze and tied to the top of a long twig, which is used to coat the lamb every half an hour. And the result? Visit the Lička Kuća restaurant and see for yourself. Any great chef will agree that this is the best way to roast lamb. This is certainly one of the specialities you won’t be able to forget.