Working hours: 11:00 - 23:00


If you are looking for a wide range of traditional specialties and flavours prepared in novel ways and served in a traditional setting, then the Lička kuća national restaurant is a must-visit location.

Just imagine the scene - an open fire pit, the crackling of the fire flickering under the spit, the air filled with aromatic spices and aromas beckoning you to taste the freshly-roasted delicacy of the Lika region which is about to appear on your plate in just a few minutes.

Traditional flavours of the Lika region

The chef of Lička kuća restaurant points out that stocks are made exclusively from locally produced vegetables and meat. Pastries and desserts are made in the restaurant’s own bakery and meat is processed in the restaurant's own butcher's shop. All of this is done without the use of any additives or artificial preparations. The restaurant uses modern cooking technologies: when maturing the meat, during cold and hot smoking of meat products such as during the restaurant's own production of sausages, during the making of restaurant’s own pasta or in the production of local soft cheese spread – Lička basa.

Lička kuća restaurant menu features dishes such as “Lika Bundle”, a dish resembling a lamb roast with a side dish baked under the bell (a metal bell-shaped lid), but prepared in small portions, or "Lamb Orzotto", which perfectly blends traditionally used cereal grain barley, or orzo, with the reduced dark Velebit beer sauce and restaurant-made Spanish beef bone stock, and braised lamb meat from Lika.

In addition to traditional Lika strudels, desserts also have their modern variants: the wildly popular cheesecake in Lička kuća restaurant is made from the basa cheese and glazed with plum jam made in Lička kuća restaurant.

In addition to traditional dishes prepared in new ways, Lička kuća is where you can also enjoy the flavours of traditionally prepared lamb and veal under the baking bell, Lika potatoes etc. For the preparation of such dishes, guests should announce their arrival three hours earlier.

Restaurant and etno museum

The restaurant was built in 1972 as a unique space, reviving history and introducing guests to the appearance and ambience of the traditional Lika house (Lička kuća). It was completely restored and integrated into the original Lika rustic style in 2015. Thus, an ideal backdrop was created for the presentation and tasting of local flavours of the Lika region made entirely from local ingredients.

Lička kuća restaurant has two storeys and a total capacity of 270 seats. It is located opposite the northern entrance (Entrance 1) to the Plitvice Lakes National Park. It also doubles as a folk museum. So, in addition to tasting the rich gastronomic offer, guests can also see a number of useful items characteristic of the former life of Lika families at the restaurant.