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Built in 1972 and furnished as a version of the ethno museum, the Lička kuća Restaurant, with its ambience and gastronomic offer based on food of local origin, authentically revives the richness of tradition in Lika region.

A walk through the restaurant takes you to another world, the soothing warmth of the old Lika house, while the scents and tastes bring back the memories of the childhood and our grandmothers kitchens, where the food is made by hand from home-grown ingredients.

Surrounded by the beauties of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, with a location at Entrance 1, the Lička kuća Restaurant has a total capacity of 270 seats on two floors.

A combination of Lika region heritage and top gastronomy

In the food preparation we use products of local origin, of which many are protected by the regional quality system Lika Quality as products produced in the ecological oasis of Lika Destination with proven farm-to-table traceability. By using home-made ingredients of exceptional quality, our employees prepare their own foundations and produce local soft cheese „Basa“, sausages, potato rolls and even home-made plum jam, all without any additives or artificial ingredients. The Lička kuća Restaurant produces its own pasta, bread rolls and desserts by hand. Furthermore, three types of homemade bread are baked in our restaurant every day.

Raised outdoors on open fields, rich in medicinal and aromatic herbs, Lika lamb is a widely known specialty of this region. Prepared in modern variants with great care, it becomes a pleasure for the most demanding gourmet palates.

The diet of the former Lika family depended on the food they could grow or procure in their natural environment. Guided by this, the chefs of the Lička kuća Restaurant have designed menus that fully reflect the diversity of Lika's culinary treasures. From the unique Lika soup, lamb and veal under the oven, grilled trout, vegetable orzotto, homemade potatoes from Lika region with onions and bacon to plum strudel and cheese cake made with fresh local cheese „Basa“, traditional dishes are innovatively prepared with a step to the top of modern gastronomy.

Just imagine the scene - an open fire pit, the crackling of the fire flickering under the spit, the air filled with aromatic spices and aromas beckoning you to taste the freshly-roasted delicacy which is about to appear on your plate in just a few minutes.

Discover this gastronomic adventure in the unforgettable ambience of the Lička kuća Restaurant, let it conquer all your senses and take you on a journey through the centuries of tradition of Lika region!