Plitvice GASTRO week

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Plitvice GASTRO Week – Hotel Grabovac,
22nd to 29th of July, 2017

Dear all,

We invite you to Plitvice GASTRO Week in Hotel Grabovac where you will enjoy top-of-the-line cuisine with 3 courses for 90 kunas with authentic scents and tastes and live music!

For you, we have created a 3-course menu according to seasonal foods and Plitvice specialties. All you have to do is choose one dish from each course and come to the Hotel Grabovac from 22nd of July to 29th of July, 2017.

We look forward seeing you!




Beef Soup
Daily Soup
Basa Cheese – homemade soft cheese
Sweet and sour salad (carrots, celery, apples, cabbage, sesame seeds,ginger, honey, lemon, dry grapes)


Turkey fillet in bacon with celery purée and fine herbs sauce lettuce
Viennese schnitzel, fried potatoes, mixed salad
Pork chop with sage, roast potatoes, mixed salad
Grilled trout, salted potatoes, Swiss chard, mixed salad
Spaghetti Neapolitan (tomato sauce), lettuce
Mushroom risotto, tomato salad
Caezar salad (leaf lettuce, chicken, bacon, croutons, yogurt dressing)


Fruit salad



Tomato Soup
Daily Soup
“Škripavac” Cheese
“Šopska” salad (bell pepper, tomato, cucumbers, onion, cheese)


Pork Medallion with prunes and plum brandy sauce „mozaik“ rice (rice, carrot, beans), mixed salad
Roast beef with mushrooms sauce, gnocchi, lettuce
Grill trout fillet served with leaf salad, toast, horseradish sauce
Grilled chicken skewers, potatoes with mushrooms, mixed salad
Spaghetti bolognese, lettuce
Vegetables risotto, white cabbage salad
Grilled vegetables,cucumber salad with sour milk


Apple strudel with ice-cream
Cherry pie