Volunteer programme

The Green guard volunteer programme is active from 2016 in Plitvice Lakes National Park. Through this programme, 23 young persons have gained their volunteering experience and selflessly gave their free time to the protected area.

Programme is still active and after reading all the conditions here, you are invited to apply and be a part of this programme. Kindly give your free time during July and/or August and spend that time in the visiting system of Plitvice lakes where you will be our Green guard to which we are very proud!


  • Provide visitors with basic information about the functioning of the visiting system,
  • Provide basic information about the natural processes in the Park,
  • Point visitors to the Park's rules and regulations and warn them of the potential consequences,
  • Survey on visitor satisfaction,
  • Notify the superiors of any possible injuries and help until the paramedics arrive,
  • Daily communication with Rangers and informers


  • July and August


  • Free accommodation
  • Free meals

And a lot of great experience volunteering in nature 🙂

Click, read, think about it and apply to be a part of the story about the protection of our national park


Previous impressions of volunteers

I am impressed by the nature and the organizing team! Thanks a lot for everything! – Laura

Programme is excellently imagined and carried out! – Ivan

Park is great and I liked the volunteering. Wish to come back again! – Amina

Volunteering in the Plitvice Lakes NP was interesting and dynamic, especially because it is a part of my future profession and I planned to do this type of work in the future. – Magdalena

This programme has influenced me on a positive way! – Lucija

I improved my knowledge of English! – Ana

Working with tourist, I broaden my social network and improved my language and communication skills. – Ana

Well organized program. – Chiara

One of the main advantages: physical activity whole day! – Gracijela