Protocol for taking photographs and/or filming in the National Park

Public Institution ‘Plitvice Lakes National Park’
Permission for taking photographs and filming in the area of the National Park Plitvice Lakes

*Private individuals engaged in photography for their own personal use do not need a permit. Remotely controlled aircraft for filming from the air are banned.


1. Requests for taking photographs and/or filming in the National Park area should be submitted at least 20 days prior to the planned start of photographing and/or filming.  Requests must contain the following information:

  1. Full name, address and contact of the responsible natural person or legal entity planning to take photographs and/or make a film.
  2. The reason and purpose of filming
  3. Plot summary
  4. Crew list (first and last name, P.I.N. or passport number)
  5. Planned date of arrival and time of taking photographs and/or filming
  6. Vehicle make and plate number if you plan to use a vehicle in the zones of the Park open to visitors, in the zones closed for public transportation or in the high protection zones
  7. Date and signature of the responsible person

Requests can be sent by post to the address:
Javna ustanova
Nacionalni park Plitvička jezera
Znanstveno – stručni centar „Dr. Ivo Pevalek“
Josipa Jovića 19
53231 Plitvička Jezera

or by e-mail to:

2. Permission –  Pursuant to the Policy on the protection and preservation of the Plitvice Lakes National Park (Official Gazette 80/21), the Public Institution Plitvice Lakes National Park issues a permission for filming and/or taking photographs. Permissions are issued for a certain period and are effective only within this time. A permission may be limited or denied if the Park’s Expert Departments decide that the requested time period is not sufficient for the planned project. A permission may also be cancelled and photographing and/or filming stopped if the requestor does not abide by terms and conditions set out in the obtained permission.

Permissions are sent to the requestor by registered mail or are handed in the National Park. The requestor is asked to sign the receipt of the permission and thereby accepts the terms and conditions set out in the permission.

3. Terms and conditions: Pursuant to Article 36 of the Policy on the protection and preservation of the Plitvice Lakes National Park (Official Gazette 80/21)  filming and/or photographing is allowed within the boundaries of the National Park under the condition that the nature’s original condition is not jeopardised in any way and that no natural process is interfered with. Terms and conditions regulated in the permissions are the following:

  1. It is permitted to travel through the Park only in the company of a ranger
  2. At the time of taking photographs and/or filming, the as-is natural condition must be kept in the protected area. The boundaries of the marked pedestrian trails should not be crossed.
  3. It is forbidden to pick plants, disturb animals or damage tufa or other rocks.
  4. Remotely controlled aircraft for filming from the air are banned.
  5. Permissions are issued for a certain period of time.

Apart from the above-stated terms and conditions, the requestor must abide by all rules and regulations from Nature Protection Act of Croatia and from Rulebook on Internal Order in the National Park.

4. Price List – fees for commercial photographing and/or filming are charged according to the effective price list:

Description of activity Price, VAT included
1 hour of taking photographs/filming

130,00 €

1 day of filming (0 to 24 hours on the day of filming)

400,00 €

1 day of taking photographs (0 to 24 hours on the day of photographing)

130,00 €

The company of a ranger (1 hour)

20,00 €

The above prices do not include the National Park Entrance Ticket, in accordance with the effective ticket price list.
Filming cost is charged based on a quotation (pro-forma invoice) and a Photographing and/or Filming Plan as set out in the permission.

5. Denial of a request – Public institution ‘Plitvice Lakes National Park’ retains the right to deny a request for taking photographs/filming. Any denials will be sent to the requestors in writing. Possible reasons a request may be denied are:

  1. Activities and methods of filming and/or taking photographs may endanger certain areas of protected nature or interfere with the natural processes (e.g. the use of remote-controlled aircraft, walking on tufa barriers, building of structures that may damage the nature, use of intensive lighting at night etc.)
  2. Filming of video advertisements
  3. The purpose of filming/taking photographs is not in line with the Park’s policies or not appropriate in the Plitvice Lakes as a protected natural environment (e.g. filming of videos or films or taking photographs for the promotion of terrain vehicles or hunting equipment, videos with explicit sexual contents, action movies, promotion of adrenaline sports or tours in the zones of the National Park banned for visitors etc.) Such purposes can damage the reputation of the Public Institution or mislead the viewers with respect to the primary function and importance of the National Park.
  4. In cases when the Park would have to be partially or fully closed for visitors due to taking photographs/filming in high touring seasons.
  5. In cases when a request is not submitted on time.