1. How can I pay my ticket?
Tickets can be paid in cash and by credit cards (all types of credit cards: Visa, Maestro, Diners, Amex, etc.)

2. Is it possible to book and purchase tickets in advance?
Park tickets can be purchased online through the link. 

3. Can I purchase my ticket online?
Tickets can be purchased online. Tickets purchased via Plitvice Lakes National park webshop needs to be stored on the mobile device or printed and validated at the official entrance that was selected during purchase and within time period for which the ticket is purchased. Visitors visiting the Park in visitation zone with inactive ticket will be considered to be without valid ticket and will be treated in accordance with the applicable National Park Rules. More details can be found here.

4. Is the ride in the panorama train and electric boat included in the price of the ticket?
Yes, the rides are included in the price of the ticket.

5. Where can I leave my luggage? What is the price of storage?
You can leave your luggage free of charge in the area intended for that purpose at the Entrance 1, Entrance 2 and Flora auxiliary entrance. For details, please ask at the entrance.

6. Are pets allowed?
Pets are permitted but they cannot move around freely; rather, they must be on the leash so as not to disturb or harm other visitors.

7. Is it necessary to book a spot for the tent or RV in advance?
There is always enough free space in the camps so it is not necessary to book a spot in advance.

8. Is it possible to rent a tent and other camping equipment?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to rent a tent or any other camping equipment at the site.

9. Is there organised transportation from the camp to the Park?
Yes, there is organised bus transportation from the Korana Camp and Borje Camp to the entrance into the National park. Transportation is also organised on the way back from the National park to the camp. For more information on the time of departure and arrival of the bus, please ask at the camp’s reception.

10. How can I get a discounted student ticket?
In order to be able to purchase a student ticket, you must present a valid student ID upon payment. Student IDs of all world universities are accepted.

11. Is there a bus stop near the entrance into the National park?
Yes, there is a bus stop near Entrance 1 and Entrance 2. Both entrances are near the road (D1 state road) and there are bus stops on both sides of the road, one in the direction of Zadar and the other in the direction of Zagreb.

12. Do you provide any special entrances or assistance to people with disabilities and the elderly/infirm at the Park entrance and exit?
The areas included in the regular tours and the location of the lakes does not allow wheelchair access throughout the Park. At the entrance, our colleagues can recommend the most accessible route for a person using a wheelchair or with impaired mobility, since, unfortunately, not all paths and trails are accessible to people with disabilities.

13. When can I visit the Park during winter?
During the winter period, the Lower Lakes are usually open to the public, while the Upper Lakes are closed. The opening of the Upper Lakes is subject to weather conditions and usually occurs in early April.

14. Is taking photos with a regular camera and/or mobile device permitted?
Taking photos for personal use is permitted, but you are required to file a request when taking photos for commercial use (further information is available at the link).

15. Are Park tours self -guided or guided and is the walk time-limited?
A guide is not required for a tour of the Park, which you can take on your own by following the markings at the selected tour route. Should you decide on a guided tour, you may send an inquiry to info@np-plitvicka-jezera.hr.

16. Should the park hotel guests purchase two-day tickets?
Guests staying the night at one of our hotels are required to purchase a ticket for the first day, while admission is free for each subsequent day of their stay. You can use this benefit by asking for a ticket extension at the hotel front desk before the Park tour.

17. Is admission free for people with disabilities, Homeland War veterans and children?
Admission to the Park is free only for persons with a disability rate over 50 % (they are required to present their disability card indicating the disability rate at the entrance) and children under the age of 7.

18. Are there hiking trails at the Park?
There are four hiking trails at the Park. Further information is available at the link.

19. Is swimming in the lakes permitted?
Swimming in the lakes is strictly prohibited.

20. Is the use of drones permitted?
The use of guided aircraft for aerial photography is prohibited at the National Park.

21. What if I arrive before or after the time selected when purchasing the ticket?
Entering the Park before the scheduled time indicated on the ticket is not allowed, while you may be late an hour at the most.

22. Do I have to use a token to authorise my web-shop transactions?
Payment at the National Park’s web-shop is possible only by credit or debit cards. If you do not own a token device, the transaction can be carried out through the app you use for online payment. Once the system requests authorisation, you need to put in the authorisation number displayed in your app. The authorisation number can be generated through a token device or a mobile app, depending on the bank that carries your account.