1. How can I pay my ticket?
Tickets can be paid in cash (only Croatian Kuna) and by credit cards (all types of credit cards: Visa, Maestro, Diners, Amex, etc.)

2. Is it possible to book and purchase tickets in advance?
The tickets can be booked in advance on following link. 

3. Can I purchase my ticket online?
National Park webshop functions in a way that the you need to choose the date, time and entrance of the park. After finishing all steps, you will receive on your e-mail address receipt and voucher which you need to print and exchange it for tickets on entrance you’ve chosen in buying process. Voucher can be exchanged 30 minutes before and during the hour for which tickets are purchased. Please note that the number of available tickets per hour and entrance is limited and we recommend to anyone who intends to visit us to book your tickets on time.

4. Is the ride in the panorama train and electric boat included in the price of the ticket?
Yes, the rides are included in the price of the ticket.

5. Where can I leave my luggage? What is the price of storage?
You can leave your luggage free of charge in the area intended for that purpose at the Entrance 1, Entrance 2 and Flora auxiliary entrance. For details, please ask at the entrance.

6. Are pets allowed?
Pets are permitted but they cannot move around freely; rather, they must be on the leash so as not to disturb or harm other visitors.

7. Is it necessary to book a spot for the tent or RV in advance?
There is always enough free space in the camps so it is not necessary to book a spot in advance.

8. Is it possible to rent a tent and other camping equipment?
Unfortunately, it is not possible to rent a tent or any other camping equipment at the site.

9. Is there organised transportation from the camp to the Park?
Yes, there is organised bus transportation from the Korana Camp and Borje Camp to the entrance into the National park. Transportation is also organised on the way back from the National park to the camp. For more information on the time of departure and arrival of the bus, please ask at the camp’s reception.

10. How can I get a discounted student ticket?
In order to be able to purchase a student ticket, you must present a valid student ID upon payment. Student IDs of all world universities are accepted.

11. Is there a bus stop near the entrance into the National park?
Yes, there is a bus stop near Entrance 1 and Entrance 2. Both entrances are near the road (D1 state road) and there are bus stops on both sides of the road, one in the direction of Zadar and the other in the direction of Zagreb.