Plitvice Lakes National Park is an area of exceptional biological and geological diversity, with over a million people visiting the park annually. Therefore, we kindly ask that you leave no traces of your visit behind, in order to preserve this protected area for future generations. Keep on the marked trails, and respect all rules of conduct while in the park.

If you wish to visit the lake zone, there are eight circular routes available to you. If you prefer to walk through a quieter area, and enrich your visit with new knowledge about forest ecosystems, you can choose from one of the four hiking trails. Brochures on hiking trails and our tourism map are available at the park information centres.

The walking trails in the park are relatively narrow, and pass through uneven terrain and over wooden bridges along the lake shores. Therefore for the sake of visitor safety and to protect the distinctive landscape, wandering off the marked walking trails is prohibited. Given the characteristics of the terrain, it is recommended that you wear appropriate clothing and footwear, and sun/rain protection as needed.

The existing trails through the lake zone are not fully adapted for the disabled (in wheelchairs, motorised vehicles and other equipment), and children’s trolleys are also not recommended. For additional information and instructions, please contact our staff in the park information centre.


  • All visitors are obliged to have a valid park entrance ticket on their person at all times (valid for tours of the lake zone and hiking trails)
  • Garbage bins are available at many locations through the park, and visitors are kindly requested to not leave litter along the trails.
  • The weather conditions in the park are highly variable, and therefore, certain trails may be closed or entrance to vehicles limited. We advise that you check the weather conditions in advance on our website, in the park information centres, or that you contact our Marketing and Sales Department.
  • The rocks are exceptionally slippery when wet, so please be careful as you walk (particularly in the Šupljara cave).
  • Take particular caution when walking along the trails passing along the steep slopes and above canyon.
  • Dogs are permitted in the park only on a leash (and must also be on a leash while on boats and trains).