Rocks and the underground

The alliance of thyme-leaved sandwort and Corydalis ochroleuca (association Moehringio-Corydaletum ochroleucae), B. – is the only rock community found within the park, having developed on stone slabs within the beech forests. It is easily recognised by the presence of the species Moehringia muscosa and Corydalis ochroleuca.

The subterranean habitats have not yet been sufficiently investigated. Future research is expected to reveal a large number of species to both the Croatian fauna, and to science. The subterranean fauna is rich in endemic taxa due to the specific characteristics of these habitats, and for all these reasons, the fauna is deserving of protection.

The subterranean habitats in the park are threatened by uncontrolled visitation, illegal waste disposal and with that, the permeation of contaminated waters. Such waters can threaten the aquatic subterranean fauna. In general (and in particular the endemic insect Machaerites udrzali), the subterranean fauna is threatened by illegal collection.