A significant area of the Park is occupied by the habitat type of European dry heath (Natura code 4030), which is listed in the Habitat Directive. They are intertwined with grasslands developed on relatively dry habitats in the area of Homoljačko and Brezovačko fields. The intertwined layout reflects the configuration of the terrain and its pedological and geological features.

In Croatia, they represent an exclave of the Western European (Atlantic) province. The most important species they are made of is the common heather Calluna vulgaris, from which their name is derived. Calluna vulgaris is a Western European (Atlantic) species and the easternmost limit of its range (Fukarek, 1963) can be found precisely in Croatia (Lika). Among floral species, the following should be noted: Chamaespartium sagittale (= Genista sagittalis), hairy greenweed Genista pilosa, Viola canina, Potentilla erecta and Luzula campestris.