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Once you reach the largest and deepest of the Plitvice Lakes – Kozjak Lake – take a break and take in all of the park's beauty. The lake is known for the 275 m-long and 60 m-wide Štefanija’s Island, as well as for the beautiful Burget waterfalls and Rječica stream flowing into it. When visiting the Kupalište bistro, located near the electric boat dock (P1), you will get the chance to enjoy all of the lake's beauties. Enjoy the magnificent view of the murmuring Upper Lakes waterfalls before you continue your sightseeing tour. Whatever you do, don’t get fooled by the name of the bistro (kupalište is Croatian word for a bathing site). Bathing in the national park is still forbidden, so we kindly ask you to find refreshment in cold drinks and beverages, as well as a selection of grilled dishes.