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The Labudovac buffet is situated in the direct proximity of Prošćansko Lake, one of the 12 lakes forming the Upper Lakes. Prošćansko Lake is the first and highest, as well as the second largest lake in the Upper Lakes system, located on an altitude of 638 meters above sea level. The lake got its name after ‘prošće‘ which in Croatian means ‘sticks‘. Take a break at the Labudovac bistro and don’t miss the chance to admire the breathtaking deep dark blue-green colour of the lake. An open green meadow, summer terrace and bistro seamlessly blend in with the amazing natural environment, thus welcoming every visitor. The bistro is located on the route of the panorama train, near the station 3 (ST3). Before you leave this spot to continue your sightseeing tour or if you seek refreshment after it, stop at the buffet and choose from a wide range of sandwiches, beverages and drinks you can enjoy on the lovely terrace or in the forest shade.