The hotel is currently closed

Along with an attractive location situated just a few steps from the very entrance to the visitor zone of National Park and a pleasant atmosphere maintained by the friendly and helpful staff, the hotel is characterized by one distinctive feature which makes it suitable for accommodating organized groups. Hotel Bellevue** operates as a garni hotel, offering only accommodation and breakfast* services, while boarding guests are served lunch or dinner at Hotel Plitvice. For this reason, it is an excellent choice for large groups whose goal is to explore the natural beauty of Lika and active holiday options in the heart of Plitvice Lakes.

If Hotel Plitvice was not situated in the immediate vicinity of Hotel Bellevue, you would feel like there’s only you in amidst the nature – only you and the murmur of water, green trees and a few stray birds or squirrels. This is a place where nothing from the modern world you left behind will bother you.

*In 2023, breakfast can be consumed in the nearby hotel Plitvice

Built in 1963, the hotel blends in perfectly with its natural surroundings – warm and earthy colours, wood-covered façade, trees hanging over the roof. The rooms have a wonderful view of a meadow, green treetops and a lake amidst the forest. It is a perfect oasis of peace.

The hotel offers 74 units:
Economy room double
Economy double room with extra bed
Standard double room, park side
Standard double room, lake side with balcony
Standard single room, park side

The hotel also has its own parking lot, as well as a laundry service. The guests have the reception desk at their disposal 24/7.

Breakfast with a view

Depending on how you want to spend your time, take a moment for yourself and enjoy a breakfast with a view of pristine nature from your room balcony or the hotel’s summer terrace. Breakfast in the fresh air with a beautiful view of Plitvice Lakes will certainly make your breakfast even more enjoyable. Prepare your palate for local flavours, rich traditional products and the first meal of the day enriched by products typical of the Lika region. Only imagine what the end of your day will look like if this is just the beginning.

Deepen your gourmet experience and try some more specialities typical of the area in the nearby restaurant of Hotel Plitvice and the Poljana restaurant. The quality of the restaurant dishes is guaranteed by the Lika Quality certificate, which will ensure your dining experience is filled with traditional Lika aromas and flavours.


Explore Plitvice Lakes National Park through eight sightseeing programs, rent a small rowing boat and explore largest lake Kozjak by yourself or choose from a number of other activities located around the Park and experience horseback riding in one of  horse ranches and ride through pristine near Plitvice Lakes National Park, explore the life of Nikola Tesla at the Memorial Center Nikola Tesla, try kayaking on the crystal clear Gacka River, try one of adrenaline activities and many more.