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We would like to introduce you to another interesting resident of the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a wild animal from the cat family (Felidae), the wildcat Felis silvestris. Due to its attractive appearance and presence, although considerably smaller, it is a worthy rival to the biggest European cat, the Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx).

Its body is covered with thick hair of a greyish-brown colour with sparse horizontal dark (black) stripes. It is considerably larger and heavier than a domestic cat, and apart from its larger dimensions it is recognisable by its tail with black rings and a black tip.

Wildcats thrive in dense forests with clearings, and live alone in their territory. They are nocturnal creatures known to be very careful and skilful hunters. They prey on mice, moles, squirrels, hares and birds, and sometimes fawn (the young of a roe deer). Mating occurs in the present months (February and March), which is why it can spotted more often during these months.

The Park provides an ideal habitat for this rare and strictly protected species, that can’t be found in many other places, which is why we need your help to protect this area and enable this and other species to live undisturbed.

You can help them considerably just by not disturbing them or entering their habitat.

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