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We present to you the Cultural Art Society “Lađevčani”, whose roots can be traced back to its establishment in 2000. Their purpose and goal are deeply rooted in preserving and developing the rich folklore heritage of their region. Through song, dance, stage performances, and various forms of cultural expression, they represent the soul of the Lađevac people both within our country and beyond its borders.

Twenty years of experience in preserving tradition make them proud bearers of the legacy that has shaped them. With dedication and passion, members nurture traditional songs and dances that have been passed down through generations. They enthusiastically participate in various folklore events both domestically and internationally, and joyfully present themselves on radio and television shows.

Their repertoire encompasses a wide range of traditional songs, with some being particularly beloved: “Livadica i okolo žica”, “Otvor vrata lijepa djevojko”, “Kajo moja, Kajo”, “Čuvam ovce livada mi mala”, “Oj livado rosna travo”, “Sitna je kiša padala”, “Ječam žela lijepa djevojka”, “Tribim perje”, along with various melodies accompanied by dances such as Đipac, Bećarac, Sremica, and Vrtikolo, to name just a few.

They proudly perform various traditional dances that are an integral part of their cultural heritage. Dances such as “Prevarant”, “Glogovac”, “Oj ti selo jelo”, and “Sving” bring vibrant moments to their performances and revive the spirit of bygone eras.

Thanks to the members who wholeheartedly and enthusiastically nurture this beautiful heritage, as well as the loyal audience who follows and supports them every step of the way through their own history. They will continue to transmit this legacy to future generations with love and dedication because they firmly believe that culture and tradition build bridges among people and across time periods.

This year’s performance by the Cultural Art Society “Lađevac” as part of the Summer of Cultural Heritage will include two shows. The first will take place on August 13, 2023, at Kamp Korana, starting at 5 p.m., while the second performance will be held on September 17, 2023, at the P3 Pier in Kozjačka Draga, within the Plitvice Lakes National Park, at 4 p.m. All visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the abundant folklore heritage of this area.