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The Kozjak restaurant was built in 1949, after World War II, based on the design by architect Ivan Strižić. The original building was modest in size, but was added to over time to support the needs of the restaurant.

Villa Izvor was built as a residence for the then president Tito and the government, over the very source of the Plitvice stream. It was designed by architects Zvonimir Marohnić and Rikard Marasović. The building was secretly called “Building 99”, and President Tito stayed there only a couple of times. It is said that the building was constructed by prisoners between 1948 and 1952, with a renovation carried out in 1973. The building is now abandoned and partially collapsed. It was declared a protected cultural property. 

The Čorkova uvala lodge was designed by architect Ivan Vitić and was constructed in 1954 as a work and living space for forest rangers. Out of 3 existing lodges, it is the only one that is preserved and inhabitable. A major renovation is planned for this year. The building was declared a protected cultural property.

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