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Every year we mark April 22nd as the Earth Day and this activity has been ongoing for last 52 years. Our planet is very special and diverse and in everyday lives, it amaze us with richness of habitats, plants and animals species. However, we are also facing significant changes especially in the last hundreds of years, evident through climate change and the loss of biodiversity. Human impact is present, but it is also important to be aware that there is still time to invest in the effort, knowledge and capacity that humankind have in order to restore ecosystems, adapt and mitigate climate change and protect species from extinction. Keep in mind that the conservation of planet Earth should not be just for this one day in April, but during the whole year.

This year`s Earth Day was celebrated during whole April with students from 6th grade of local Elementary schools (Elementary school Plitvička Jezera, dr. Franjo Tuđman from Korenica and Eugen Kvaternik from Rakovica) which participated in the national park`s educational program about climate change under the title “What is happening with climate?”. Activities with students and communication about the need to protect planet Earth, about significant changes that our planet is going through, and about the need of biodiversity conservation, inspire us because young generations are aware of ongoing changes and they will be the best ambassadors in protection of their only planet!