International Geodiversity Day

Urednik Blog

Last year, October 6 was declared International Geodiversity Day by UNESCO. Even if it is not perceived that way, geodiversity is the basis for the appearance of Plitvice Lakes. Dolomite rock enabled the formation of lakes, limestone the incision of canyons and tufa the creation of waterfalls. In connection with the Geodiversity Day, the Čisto podzemlje initiative, in cooperation with the National Park, cleaned five caves in the northwestern part of the Park from waste. Immediately after the cleaning, signs prohibiting the dumping of waste were placed near the cleaned caves. The first International Geodiversity Day in Croatia will also be marked by the International Symposium “Geodiversity and Geoheritage – State and Perspectives” (…/georaznolikost-geobastina2022), where the Park’s Nature Conservation Service will give a presentation on the importance of Plitvice Lakes geoheritage.

You can learn more about the International Geodiversity Day celebrations at the link, and we will soon inform you in more detail about our activities.