Plastic Free Croatia and Plitvice Lakes National Park

Urednik Blog

Nature and people are inextricably linked in a dance people still have to learn the steps of if they wish to survive. The value of nature and the beauty of its resources lie not only in the utilization of raw materials, but also in knowing that the furthermost corner of the woods or the deepest ocean ridge is as much a part of our home as the sofa we relax on after work or a table we dine at with our loved ones. This is why we are thrilled to share with you that the oldest and most visited Croatian National Park, and without a doubt one of the most beautiful parts of our home, has become a member of the Plastic Free Initiative.

In addition to accepting Plastic Free rules and habits, Plitvice Lakes National Park has set measurable objectives in order to contribute, as an organization, to preserving nature and the environment. The process of eliminating plastic from business began in 2015 and all the waste from Jezero hotel is separated, while bio-waste is used to produce fuel and food for animals. Promotional materials are printed on eco-friendly paper and the objective of zero-waste policy is pursued through numerous other activities.

“Reducing waste is one of the objectives of responsible business, but so is raising awareness of the importance of paying attention to seemingly small things – from choosing bio packaging instead of plastic packaging to paying attention not to leave food on the plate.”

For more information about the sustainable business of Plitvice Lakes National Park, visit, and to find out how to make your company or organization plastic-free in four easy steps, visit: