Plitvice Lakes National Park Achieves Outstanding Results

Urednik Blog

We are proud to share the outstanding results of a survey conducted among travellers using the and platforms. Year after year, Croatia is becoming an ever more popular holiday destination, and Plitvice Lakes has stood out as the national park that meets visitors’ expectations to the highest degree.

According to the survey results, more than 90% of guests plan to return to Croatia, 96% would enthusiastically recommend Croatia to their friends and 95% felt exceptionally safe during their stay in our country. According to official data, Croatia had almost 18 million visitors by November 2023, and almost 100 million overnight stays in that same period. This remarkable data confirms that Croatia is a destination that captivates visitors with its beauty and hospitality.

Based on the conducted survey, Plitvice Lakes National Park was the most visited national park in the 2023 season, and it also received the highest rating for overall visitor satisfaction while also being among the best rated in the natural wonders category. Visitors were impressed the most by the Park’s natural beauty, and in the category of cleanliness, we also ranked high, coming in second. Our commitment and dedication have resulted in these excellent results that motivate us to continue providing an unforgettable experience to visitors, along with top-notch service and constant improvement of our tourist offer.

Every year, the and platforms, online platforms for purchasing bus and ferry tickets, invite over 500 000 travellers to participate in a survey about how satisfied they were with their stay in Croatia. The survey was conducted in order to find out exactly what attracts visitors to Croatia, which locations are the most popular and what can be expected in the coming season.

Year after year, Plitvice Lakes National Park attracts a high number of visitors due to its unique natural wonders, and we are extremely pleased to be recognised as the perfect vacation destination.