Retro November at Hotel Plitvice

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Indulge your senses, return to an era of glamour and inspiring fashion and revive the spirit of the not-so-distant past with evergreen songs. If you have ever imagined what the 1960s looked like, Retro November will refresh your memory and introduce you to a hotel whose elegance is dedicated to a different time.

Built in 1958 in the recently established Plitvice Lakes National Park, Hotel Plitvice is one of the monumental achievements of the famous Croatian architect Marijan Haberle. Skillfully combined with the natural environment and partly built on the rocks that still adorn the interior of the piano bar, even after the renovation in the 1990s Hotel Plitvice did not lose its retro elements which make it a unique and charming accommodation and a protected cultural property of the Republic of Croatia.

Thanks to the architectural and ambient values, and especially the preservation of the hotel, it was entered into the Register of Cultural Property of the Republic of Croatia in 1996

In 1969, art historian Žarko Domljan wrote this about the hotel: “Haberle’s hotel on Velika Poljana is without a doubt one of the better achievements of our post-war architecture because of its good integration into the extremely sensitive landscape as well as the discreet accentuation of a representative and attractive moment, which is required by its prominent touristic and landscape position.”

Retro November

The inspiration for Retro November came from the architecture and interior style of Hotel Plitvice, which is a real gem from that period. Our special retro offer includes one or two nights at Hotel Plitvice with breakfast or half-board, a ticket to the Plitvice Lakes National Park and numerous other discounts, starting at HRK 327.50 (€43.47).

As part of Retro November at Hotel Plitvice, you will be able to see an exhibition of old photographs, learn more about architect Marijan Haberle and try retro desserts and cocktails while enjoying live music in the piano bar every day from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. On weekends, free guided tours of the national park at 9:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. are organized for guests as part of this offer. For all photography lovers, we have also prepared a retro photo corner where you will be able to record timeless memories. Choose the props, strike a pose, smile and you are guaranteed to have fun!

Let this special offer surprise you and take you to a moment of glamour and warmth of the past, far from the busy everyday life of the modern world. Welcome!