World Environment Day – Only One Earth

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The celebration of World Environment Day is active since 1974, and on every June 5th under different themes important for environment protection, we are trying to raise awareness on causes and consequences of many changes that we witness. This year is very important because it marks the 50 years since United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (the Stockholm Conference) when the first international meeting on the environment was held. For that reason, Sweden is this year`s host country for all the important activities regarding World Environment Day.

The slogan for the World Environment Day in 2022 is Only One Earth, same as the slogan in 1972 for Stockholm Conference, and the main goal is to encourage thinking and to raise awareness that there is no other planet for our lives. With that in mind, we should direct our capacities towards the conservation of all natural world, plant and animal species, terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems, seas and oceans in order to preserve our only home. Parts of the environment such as soil, air and water are key elements without which our life would not be possible on this planet.  What will we do to protect the planet, how will we affect the future of people and planet, and other similar questions are important to have in mind not just in global sense but also to start from oneself as an individual and search for answers.

With dear students from 1st to 4th grade of Elementary school “Plitvička Jezera”, we held an educational program “The climate is changing”. The students were introduced with rules of behaviour in protected area and meteorological station, and they learned about the differences between weather and climate. Then we talked about what is causing climate change and what the greenhouse gases are, and finally through short experiment they measured temperatures of different objects in their surrounding and monitored changes. The program went by in fun and learning! For more information about the World Environment Day, please check link. #OnlyOneEarth