World Wildlife Day – 3 March

Urednik Blog

In 2013, the United Nations proclaimed 3 March as World Wildlife Day, making it a day on which we celebrate wildlife and overall biodiversity that make our planet so special. The goal of educating the public on the importance of preserving and protecting all species on Earth is to raise awareness of each individual on the meaning of safeguarding every species as an indispensable link in the chain of overall biodiversity.

This year’s theme is “Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation”. Only together, acting as partners on the international, regional and local levels, can we successfully overcome obstacles and preserve wildlife in all its glory.

Nature, together with all its wildlife and biodiversity, acts as a free source of food, medicine, clothing material, fuel and other essentials each human needs. Many species have irretrievably vanished as a result of our actions before we had a chance to study their role in nature and their influence on us as a part of nature. Numerous plant and fungal species are the source of medicine whose effect we do not know yet, and with their disappearance we lose all hope of finding cures they could provide.

Habitat destruction, invasive species, hunting and fishing, as well as the deliberate taking of species from nature with the intention of using them as beautiful and decorative specimens or pets, or just taking individual parts of plant and/or animal species from nature, bring these, but also many other species that depend on them to the brink of extinction.

That is why, only by acting as partners on all levels of our society and by behaving responsibly can we preserve species, biodiversity and nature in its integrity and beauty and safeguard it so that our future generations can use it unhindered and freely.