Almost 1000 years old monoxyl exhibited in hotel Jezero

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The Hotel Jezero recently exhibited a monoxyl – a boat made from a hollowed tree. The boat was taken out of Lake Kozjak and until 1995 it was exhibited in the Restaurant Kozjak. After 1995, he was in the Restaurant Lička kuća until the fire in 2012, but fortunately he did not burn in that fire. The first conservation and restoration works and dating were done in 2008. After the fire, the boat was stored for several years, and in the beginning of 2021, restoration and conservation works were done again in order to arrange and save the boat from further deterioration, and it is now exibited in the basement of Hotel Jezero (near the elevator). The age of wood was 980 ± 115 years, which means almost 1000 years, using the 14C radiocarbon analysis method. This is an exceptional example of the age and preservation of such a boat in the Plitvice Lakes National Park, and we invite you to definitely take a look at it at the Hotel Jezero.