Culture and Arts Association “Sveti Mihovil Nikšić”

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We present to you the Culture and Arts Association “Sveti Mihovil Nikšić”, established in March 2018. This unique association, infused with the enthusiasm and dedication of its local residents and members, is devoted to preserving the richness of folk customs, traditions, and artistic heritage of Nikšić and the surrounding Slunj area. The primary purpose of the association is to safeguard and nurture the cultural heritage of the region through diverse artistic expressions. They actively engage in the reconstruction of traditional folk costumes, collection and research of extensive materials about local culture, and diligent documentation of new song lyrics. With pride, they stand against the fading of customs, traditional language, and melodies deeply rooted in heritage.

The story begins with the establishment of the association in 2018. With great enthusiasm, its members embarked on the rapid reconstruction of folk costumes while simultaneously dedicatedly gathering and researching materials about local culture. New song lyrics were meticulously noted and practiced, resulting in their initial performance in front of the St. Mihovil Chapel in Šušnjara on the feast day of St. Mihovil, who is also the patron of the association. During its relatively short existence, the association has delivered numerous performances across Croatia. In the challenging times of the pandemic, the male choir recorded a performance in 2020 to participate in the festival of male choir ensembles in Ivanić Grad. They proudly presented themselves at the Plitvice Lakes and in the town of Slunj, participating in the “Evening of Bećarac” competition. Their commitment and the quality of their performances were recognized with the title of the best group at the “Evening of Bećarac in Slunj” in 2022, earning them the opportunity to participate in the Bećarac festival in Babina Greda in 2023. The association has ambitious plans for the future. They proudly represent Karlovac County at various events and festivals, and this year, they eagerly anticipate representing the region at the 58th Vinkovci Autumn Festival.

Join them in their mission to preserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of the region. The support of the audience helps them continue safeguarding customs, language, and melodies that connect them with their heritage.

The performance of the Cultural and Artistic Society “St. Michael Nikšić” as part of the Cultural Heritage Summer will take place on September 24, 2023, at 6 PM at Campsite Korana. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the rich folk tradition of this region.