Smart Solar Benches

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As part of our sustained efforts to improve the visitor experience at the Plitvice Lakes National Park, we have strategically incorporated innovative solutions to meet the rising demands and diverse preferences of our guests. Therefore, having recognised the tendency of visitors to use their mobile phones to capture memories, especially in high-traffic areas such as Entry 1 and auxiliary Entry 2 – Flora, we are happy to introduce smart solar benches and solar tables to the Park.

These exclusive additions not only provide our guests with a quiet spot to take a break, but also offer a convenient way to charge their mobile devices using sustainable solar power. The introduction of smart benches represents a significant step toward the modernisation of our services and ensures that the Park’s visitors have an absolutely outstanding experience.

Commitment to Sustainability and Meeting Visitor Needs

The incorporation of advanced solar panel technology allows such benches and tables to use solar power throughout the day. The said power is then used to power the charging stations, thereby reducing the consumption of conventional power and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Embracing renewable energy sources is the very foundation of our sustainable development mission.

Blend of Nature and Technology to Improve Visitor Experience

Apart from their practical benefits, smart benches and tables significantly improve the entire visitor experience within the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Namely, the guests are now able to relish the Park’s beauty without worrying about their phone battery percentage. This technological upgrade ensures an undisrupted connection with nature and enables the visitors to fully admire the splendour of the Park itself.