Large-Scale Reconstruction

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The Plitvice Lakes National Park, one of nature’s crown jewels located in Croatia, will soon be undergoing a significant transformation after more than 35 years. This ambitious plan centres around the reconstruction of two key trails at the Park’s entrance which will increase the quality of visitor experience and the employees’ work conditions. One of these trails leads visitors from the village of Mukinje to the Dr Ivo Pevalek Scientific Research Centre, while the other stretches from Hladovina to Velika Poljana.

General Manager of the Plitvice Lakes National Park Tomislav Kovačević pointed out the significance of this project, saying: “The reconstruction of these trails is of crucial importance for visitors and locals alike, as it will make the walk to the Park’s entrance more relaxing. The trails will be paved and equipped with benches, adding to the quality of experience of all those who use them on a daily basis.” Mr Kovačević also said that this investment was only a part of a larger plan to improve the infrastructure within the National Park.

“In addition to regular reconstructions of trails taking place in the Park, the reconstruction of these two trails is immensely important not just for our visitors, but also for the inhabitants, since in spring, they will be able to take a paved trail from the village of Mukinje directly to the Park’s entrance.  We have been restoring this particular trail following downpours for years, and now that we finally have the opportunity to pave it and line it with benches, it will make everyone’s walks more enjoyable, especially for our numerous employees and visitors who have to take this trail daily despite it often being run down due to rainwater. This investment is only a small part of the reconstructions going on in the Park with a view to improving stays and tours.”

General Manager of the Plitvice Lakes National Park

It is expected that, with more favourable weather conditions, the reconstructed trails will be fully restored by springtime, opening a new chapter in the overall experience of the Plitvice Lakes. Apart from improving the trails, another goal of this initiative is sustainability. “Sustainable tourism is key to the future of the Plitvice Lakes National Park,” said Kovačević. “Green Destinations, a globally renowned organisation, will be monitoring our efforts, only further confirming our commitment to the preservation of the natural environment.”

In addition to the comprehensive trail reconstruction plan, the Plitvice Lakes National Park continues to implement the initiatives which will help preserve nature and encourage a sustainable approach to tourism in this one-of-a-kind Park.