Presentation of Plitvice Lakes National Park at the New York Travel and Adventure Show

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Plitvice Lakes National Park has successfully showcased its tourist offer at the New York Travel and Adventure Show in the USA, which took place on 27 and 28 January this year. The Park was part of the Croatian pavilion organised by the Croatian National Tourist Board, and 11 Croatian destinations also presented their tourist offer. The show was visited by more than 30 thousand visitors, and the Croatian exhibition area was one of the most visited, where as many as 25 exhibiting organisations from Croatia presented their tourist offer this year.

‘This is a renowned worldwide tourism event, during which the Croatian tourism sector has the opportunity to highlight a wide range of national tourism products, all with the aim of the high‑quality promotion of our country as a safe, accessible and year-round destination. Our country is well-known in the American market for its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality, recognised by numerous travel agents as well as the tourists themselves, so we can conclude that Croatia has a place among Americans’ favourite European destinations,’ said Leila Krešić Jurić, Director of the Croatian National Tourist Office in New York, while pointing out that this year, the New York office is celebrating its 25th birthday.

During the final day of the show, Croatia received additional confirmation of a successful showcase. The Croatian National Tourist Board was awarded special recognition by the organisers of the show for excellence in performance and presentation, highlighting the Croatian pavilion as the most creative pavilion. ‘There is a lot of interest this year in Zagreb, Plitvice Lakes and Istria, and the Barać Caves are also very popular,’ said journalist Branka Slavica while reporting directly for HRT.

As part of the showcase pavilion, which was provided by the Croatian National Tourist Board for the second year in a row, the showcase of various regions and companies from the private sector as well as meetings with American travel agents took place intensively during the two days of the show. Over 1500 accredited travel agents, 400 media representatives and an increase of 30 per cent in tickets sold compared to the previous year confirm that this is indeed an excellent place for the promotion of Croatia’s tourist offer.

In 2024, we can expect an even greater number of visitors arriving from America. Travel agents include our Park in numerous itineraries, and a particularly large number of visitors pointed out that Plitvice Lakes National Park was on their ‘bucket list’, a list of places that a person wants to see in their lifetime.