World tourism day

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World Tourism Day is observed annually on 27 September in many countries and destinations across the globe, and Croatia is no exception. This date was specially chosen as it marks an important occasion for the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) – the anniversary of the adoption of the Statutes of the Organization in 1970. Meanwhile, in Croatia, a variety of events have already been announced as part of this year’s theme entitled “Tourism and Green Investments”. The purpose of World Tourism Day is to raise awareness of the important role tourism plays in the international community and demonstrate its influence on the social, cultural, political and economic values worldwide. This year, celebrate World Tourism Day by visiting the Plitvice Lakes National Park and take part in various events and activities we have prepared for you at Entrance 1. We will also commemorate this important day with our Promotional October Week, which marks the anniversary of the Park’s inscription in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

The Promotional Week in the Plitvice Lakes National Park will take place from 1 to 8 October 2023, offering tickets at special prices:

• Adults: 10,00 € (75,35 kn) per person
•  Students: 6,50 € (48,97 kn) per person
• Children (7 – 18): 4,50 € (33,91 kn) per person

* Children up to 7 years and persons with disability (over 50%) 50 % – GRATIS

Tickets must be purchased online and we also recommend that you choose one of the visit programmes in advance or download our app to make the most of your visit.


On 27 September, a variety of activities await you at Entrance 1 to the National Park:

  • Free guided tours for individual visitors, departing from Entrance 1. Two separate tours will be available at different departure times (10 a.m. and 11 a.m.) until the maximum number of visitors per guide has been reached. Both scheduled tours give visitors the option of taking the guided programme B (along the Lower Lakes) or programme C (along the Lower and the Upper Lakes). The language(s) of the guided tour depend(s) on the guide’s proficiency. The bear mascot will take group photos with visitors at the viewpoint overlooking the Great Waterfall.
  • Groups may mingle with the bear mascot from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Park Information officers and Park Interpreters will distribute leaflets and inform the visitors about the activities.
  • The “Izvor Rakovica” Cultural and Arts Association will perform at 10 a.m. at Entrance 1,
  • while the tasting of local products (the Lika platter with cheese, bacon, authentic “uštipak” fritters and “rakija” fruit brandy) awaits visitors from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Note for guided tours:

* The number of visitors is limited. Guests will be able to sign up for guided tours by obtaining their reservation number at the information point.


The Plitvice Lakes National Park has received the silver Green Destinations Award for sustainability, making it the first Croatian national park to have received such recognition. The Green Destinations Award recognises sustainable tourist destinations all over the world by analysing social, ecological, economic and cultural aspects of sustainable development. The award stresses the importance of sustainable destination management, which creates value for tourists, the local community and the environment alike. Croatia has been slowly but surely taking steps toward its goal of sustainable tourism and the Green Destinations Award is a significant step on that journey.